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Replace the alternator on your Honda CIVIC

The alternator is an essential part of the power circuit in your CIVIC. It provides the necessary electrical energy for the engine (via the battery) and for ancillary functions (lights, heating, air-conditioning, radio, GPS, etc.). Its lifespan is around 100,000 miles. A defective alternator can lead to many types of breakdown, possibly preventing you from starting up your Honda CIVIC. Two points are particularly important when choosing a new alternator: the terminal block, which must be similar to that of the original alternator, and its power, expressed in amps (A).

To purchase a suitable alternator, use our selector and specify the model and engine specifications of your Honda. Now choose the best price from among the VALEO, BOSCH, CEVAM, HELLA and DA SILVA offers, to name but a few. Prices for a new alternator will vary between £50 and £130. If you are looking for an inexpensive alternator, you can rely on our own brand, BÖLK: the guaranteed best price.

Detecting signs of failure in the alternator of your CIVIC

If the battery light remains illuminated on the dashboard, you need to pay attention. If, on the other hand, no warning light comes on, it will be difficult to predict the end of the alternator’s life in your Honda CIVIC. One sign, however, may be interpreted as a deterioration in the alternator: a drop or change in the power of the electrical devices in your CIVIC.


CIVIC I Saloon (SF) – 10/1979 - 12/1984

CIVIC II Estate (WC) – 01/1979 - 12/1983

CIVIC II Hatchback (SS, SL) – 01/1978 - 12/1983

CIVIC I Shuttle (AN, AR) – 08/1983 - 12/1987

CIVIC III Saloon (AM, AK, AU) – 10/1983 - 10/1987

CIVIC III Hatchback (AL, AJ, AG, AH) – 10/1983 - 10/1987

CIVIC II Shuttle (EE) – 01/1988 - 02/1995

CIVIC IV Saloon (ED) – 09/1987 - 10/1993

CIVIC IV Hatchback (EC, ED, EE) – 09/1987 - 10/1993

CIVIC V Saloon (EG, EH) – 10/1991 - 12/1995

CIVIC V Coupe (EJ) – 08/1993 - 03/1996

CIVIC VI Fastback (MA, MB) – 09/1994 - 02/2001

CIVIC V Hatchback (EG) – 10/1991 - 11/1995

CIVIC VI Saloon (EJ, EK) – 06/1995 - 03/2001

CIVIC VI Aerodeck (MB, MC) – 04/1998 - 02/2001

CIVIC VI Coupe (EJ, EM1) – 03/1996 - 12/2000

OPALA Estate – 06/1981 - 12/1992

OPALA Estate – 01/1974 - 12/1981

CIVIC VI Hatchback (EJ, EK) – 10/1995 - 02/2001

CIVIC VII Saloon (ES) – 12/2000 - 04/2006

CIVIC VII Coupe (EM2) – 02/2001 - 12/2005

CIVIC VII Hatchback (EU, EP, EV) – 03/1999 - 02/2006

CIVIC VIII Hatchback (FN, FK) – 09/2005 - Today