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Replacement Alternator/Starter for the upkeep of your car

What is the alternator?

The alternator of a car ensures the electricity production that the vehicle needs. The electricity produced by the alternator is a low-voltage current. When driving this electric current is used to charge the battery but equally for the and optional equipment including your radio or ac.

The alternator starts working as soon as the engine is switched on. It is driven via a belt drive by the . If your battery warning light stays on when you’re driving, it means that the battery is not being charged. Often you’ll find there is an issue with the alternator or the drive belt. In general you’ll need to drive about 6 miles to charge your battery completely.

What is the starter motor?

The works thanks to the energy provided by the battery. Your starter is only used once, when starting the car. A starter motor is in fact an electric engine starting the combustion process in your car’s engine. In addition it provides the energy necessary to start turning the .
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