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Front brake disc

Your C4's front brake discs are essential for the vehicle to slow down and come to a standstill.

All the brake parts of your car are subjected high pressure, a lot of friction and enormous heat, which over time leads to wear. It is therefore extremely important to regularly check the state they are in, especially if the brake discs of your C4 are not provided with a wear contact, which tells you when it is time to replace them.

Worn brake discs are up to 60% less effective than new ones and lead to the brake pads wearing more quickly.
For your safety, we therefore strongly recommend you replace your brake pads and discs at the same time. The lifespan of your Citroen $serie front brake discs is about 31.100 miles.
Mister-Auto offers you brake discs for your Citroen $serie from top brands including TRW, Ferodo, Mintex and Bosch.

To determine as well as possible which brake disc references fit to your C4, we ask you to select the engine type of your Citroen $serie in the drop down menu or to just enter your registration number.


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