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The average lifespan for brake discs is expressed as the number of miles on the clock after they have been fitted. It is recommended to replace the brake discs on your Ford ESCORT approximately every 30,000 miles. Beyond this distance, your brakes may be deficient. In the case of emergency braking, remember that with worn brakes, the stopping distance is longer.

If you wish to order new ESCORT discs, Mister-Auto offers the best brands: BOSCH, TRW, VALEO, BREMBO and FERODO discs, and even BÖLK, Mister-Auto’s own brand of disc! To give an idea of price, a set of 2 Ford ESCORT brake discs will cost, on average, between £20 and £60; prices may vary according to the model of your Ford.

Are my Ford ESCORT discs worn? How do I find out?

You can simply check the degree of wear on your own ESCORT brake discs, based on the minimal disc thickness rating. The manufacturer defines this rating and it is indicated in the technical manual that accompanies your new front or rear brake discs. The minimum thickness wear rating will vary according to the type of disc. Please ensure that you change your Ford ESCORT discs when wear and tear exceeds the minimum degree for an effective braking system.

Recent models of vehicle are often designed to help you anticipate this wear. A warning light will be illuminated on the dashboard of your ESCORT when the brake system needs to be checked. Furthermore, you can learn to recognise certain suspicious sounds or unusual vibrations in your Ford ESCORT. Among the warning signs, especially watch out for any shrill grinding noise while braking, or vibration when stopping the vehicle. You should also pay attention to any scratches or smudges on the discs, or grooves inside them. An abnormal tendency for your vehicle to “pull” to one side while braking may also be a sign of wear.


ESCORT '81 Express (AVA) – 01/1981 - 02/1986

ESCORT '86 Express (AVF) – 02/1986 - 07/1990

ESCORT '91 Express (AVL) – 07/1990 - 12/1994

ESCORT '95 Box (AVL) – 01/1995 - Today

ESCORT CLASSIC (AAL, ABL) – 10/1998 - 07/2000

ESCORT CLASSIC Turnier (ANL) – 02/1999 - 07/2000

ESCORT I (AFH, ATH) – 01/1968 - 02/1976

ESCORT I Estate (ADH) – 06/1968 - 03/1979

ESCORT II (ATH) – 03/1973 - 07/1981

ESCORT II Estate – 04/1975 - 07/1981

ESCORT III (GAA) – 09/1980 - 07/1986

ESCORT III Estate (AWA) – 09/1980 - 12/1985

ESCORT III Convertible (ALD) – 09/1983 - 12/1985

ESCORT IV (GAF, AWF, ABFT) – 10/1985 - 10/1990

ESCORT IV Estate (AWF, AVF) – 10/1985 - 10/1990

ESCORT IV Convertible (ALF) – 01/1986 - 07/1990

ESCORT V (GAL) – 07/1990 - 12/1992

ESCORT V Estate (GAL, AVL) – 07/1990 - 12/1992

ESCORT V Convertible (ALL) – 07/1990 - 12/1992

ESCORT VI (GAL) – 09/1992 - 09/1996

ESCORT VI Saloon (GAL) – 08/1993 - 01/1995

ESCORT VI Estate (GAL) – 09/1992 - 01/1995

ESCORT VI Convertible (ALL) – 12/1992 - 01/1995

ESCORT VII (GAL, AAL, ABL) – 01/1995 - 10/2002

ESCORT VII Saloon (GAL, AFL) – 01/1995 - 02/1999

ESCORT VII Estate (GAL, ANL) – 01/1995 - 10/2002

ESCORT VII Convertible (ALL) – 02/1995 - 08/2000