Front Shock Absorbers for Ford

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Front Shock Absorbers

Front Ford shock absorbers must be bought and fitted in pairs. Mister-Auto offers you shock absorbers from top brands including KYB, MONROE or indeed SACHS, however you will have to add two items to your shopping basket. Why two? To avoid your Ford becoming unbalanced. If one shock absorber is faulty, there's a considerable chance the same goes for its neighbour on the other side. Front shock absorbers in need of replacing are dangerous as they no longer keep the vehicle well in contact with the road or cause it to take corners too easily especially in rainy weather or when braking. You can check if your shock absorbers are worn when your car is parked on a flat surface. An oil leak or irregular wearing of the tyres can also be an indication of a shock absorber problem. If you push the bonnet of your Ford downward and then let go, the vehicle should not "bounce". If it does, it is rather probable the front shock absorbers of your Ford need replacing. Please make sure you check your shock absorbers every 12 500 miles and replace them about every 50 000 to 62 000 miles. To best determine the references that are most compatible with your Ford, please enter the model and engine of your Ford in the drop down menu.