Front Shock Absorbers for Honda CIVIC

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Front shock absorber

Front shock absorbers for CIVIC must be bought and replaced in pairs.

Mister-Auto offers you shock absorbers from top brands including like Kyb, Monroe or Sachs. Remember to add two to your shopping basket though. Why do I have to replace my shocks in pairs?
To avoid unbalancing your CIVIC. If one of your shock absorbers is worn, there is a big chance its neighbour to be in the same state.
Worn shock absorbers can be very dangerous because they no longer assure a good adherence to the ground when cornering, especially in rainy weather or when braking.
You can see or check if your shock absorbers are worn by parking your car on a flat surface. An oil leak or strange and irregular wear of the tyres is a crucial indication of the state of the shock absorbers as well.

By pressing the bonnet of your Honda $serie and then letting go, you can determine whether it is time to replace your shocks. If the vehicle rebounds (seems to bounce up and down) you have a strong indicator that the front shock absorbers of your CIVIC need to be replaced. But to avoid danger due to failing shock absorbers, it is best to check your shock absorbers every 12 500 miles anyway and to replace them about every 49 700 to 62 100 miles.

To determine which front shock absorber references are suitable for your CIVIC, we recommend you select the engine type of your Honda $serie in the roll down menu or just enter your registration number.


CIVIC I Saloon (SF) – 10/1979 - 12/1984

CIVIC I Hatchback (SB) – 07/1972 - 09/1983

CIVIC II Hatchback (SS, SL) – 01/1978 - 12/1983

CIVIC I Shuttle (AN, AR) – 08/1983 - 12/1987

CIVIC III Saloon (AM, AK, AU) – 10/1983 - 10/1987

CIVIC III Hatchback (AL, AJ, AG, AH) – 10/1983 - 10/1987

CIVIC II Shuttle (EE) – 01/1988 - 02/1995

CIVIC IV Saloon (ED) – 09/1987 - 10/1993

CIVIC IV Hatchback (EC, ED, EE) – 09/1987 - 10/1993

CIVIC V Saloon (EG, EH) – 10/1991 - 12/1995

CIVIC V Coupe (EJ) – 08/1993 - 03/1996

CIVIC VI Fastback (MA, MB) – 09/1994 - 02/2001

CIVIC V Hatchback (EG) – 10/1991 - 11/1995

CIVIC VI Saloon (EJ, EK) – 06/1995 - 03/2001

CIVIC VI Aerodeck (MB, MC) – 04/1998 - 02/2001

CIVIC VI Coupe (EJ, EM1) – 03/1996 - 12/2000

OPALA Estate – 06/1981 - 12/1992

OPALA Estate – 01/1974 - 12/1981

CIVIC VI Hatchback (EJ, EK) – 10/1995 - 02/2001

CIVIC VII Saloon (ES) – 12/2000 - 04/2006

CIVIC VII Coupe (EM2) – 02/2001 - 12/2005

CIVIC VII Hatchback (EU, EP, EV) – 03/1999 - 02/2006

CIVIC VIII Saloon (FD, FA) – 09/2005 - Today

CIVIC VIII Hatchback (FN, FK) – 09/2005 - Today