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Replace your HEADLIGHT on time

What is there to know about headlights?

The headlights' primary function is of course to enlighten the road in front of the car when driving in the dark or in bad weather. At the same time it is easier to see a car with the headlights switched on both at night as during the day.

The first headlights were yellow and made of glass. Today a headlight is made of plastic. In addition important developments have taken place where headlights are concerned. Currently most headlights are H1, H4, H7 or xenon or led lights. As these new headlights use even more electricity than the older ones, it is important for a car to have an alternator.

The current headlights are a lot more powerful than those constructed a few years back. Consequently they have to be replaced sooner as well. Due to the heat generated by the light bulbs, the outer glass slowly colours. After 6 to 8 years a car headlight ought to be replaced.
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