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Replace your HEATER on time

What is the car heater for?

The heater of a car is in fact the car part which allows hot air to enter the cabin area. The heater looks like a small radiator with a plastic housing, entering and exiting points, radiator hose and aluminium fins. The heater is mostly located behind the glove compartment.

A car heater works rather simply. The coolant, after having flowed through the warm engine, enters the heater motor. The cabin suction fan then allows for hot air to be blown into the cabin area of the car.

Before the air is blown into the cabin, it is cleaned of particulates by the cabin air or pollen filter. It is important to have this filter checked during servicing as well. With regular upkeep you can easily to avoid bacteria and other harmful particulates entering the cabin causing illness but also nausea, drowsiness and allergic reactions.
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