Shock absorbers/Suspension

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Shock absorbers/Suspension

Replacement Shock absorbers/Suspension for the upkeep of your car

When to replace shock absorbers?

Shock absorbers wear over time without your noticing. The wearing of shock absorbers is a gradual process, resulting in the driver adapting his or her driving style accordingly. need replacing about every 37 000 to 50 000 miles. At we recommend however to have your shock absorbers checked every 12 500 miles.

Please bear in mind that your shock absorbers will show signs of wear and tear depending on whether you drive a lot in dense traffic, in mountainous areas or if you have a sportive driving style.

Indicators that your shock absorbers need replacing:
- Your car has a tendency to start drifting when cornering
- The car ‘hugs’ the side of the road
- Your braking distance gets increasingly longer
- You are more aware of irregularities in the road

Please note: the safety triangle for cars consists of the brakes, the tyres and the shock absorbers. It is these three car parts which are most concerned with your safety and security on the road! Shock absorbers must be replaced in pairs (left and right at the same time) to ensure your car is well-balanced.