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Spark plugs explained by Mister-Auto

If your car isn’t starting, it isn’t always because you’re out of fuel or battery. Another possibility is you have worn out or faulty spark plugs. These are what ignite your fuel/air mixture. So if they’re faulty—you’re going nowhere. While there is no clear measurement, as a rule of thumb spark plugs need changing around every 28,000 miles. Luckily it’s simple to replace them, and you can buy spark plugs online quickly and easily at Mister-Auto. All you have to do is enter your car make, model, fuel and engine into our search feature. At Mister-Auto, we’ll find it in seconds.

Warning signs: do you need to buy new spark plugs?

Engine misfiring. This is when the engine falters—but then soon regains its normal pace. The more serious the problem, the more this will occur. It is important to not leave this unattended as a single faulty spark plug can lead to other, more serious and costly problems, such as a damaged catalytic converter.

Rough idle. Idling refers to when the car is stationary, but the engine is running. Normally this should be smooth and go unnoticed. However, if your spark plugs aren’t working correctly the engine will produce a rough noise as it struggles to hold the connection. You will also be able to feel this as it should cause the vehicle to vibrate.

High fuel consumption. Faulty, greasy, or worn spark plugs will increase your fuel consumption. If you notice a decrease in mileage, this can be the result of several things, but a faulty spark plug is one of the most common.

Poor acceleration. If your engine is sluggish, or if you notice a lack of responsiveness, then this is also a sign that your spark plugs are faulty. It’s easy to tell if your acceleration is poor: it will feel as if your car is not responding when you engage the pedal. In addition to indicating that you need to buy new spark plugs, it’s also important to fix this quickly as your vehicle response time will be reduced, which could present safety issues.

Buy spark plugs online at Mister-Auto

If you want to buy spark plugs online then check out the selection available at Mister-Auto. Established in 2007, we’re now one of the leading marketplaces for spare parts and accessories. Why are we so popular with our customers? It’s simple: We take a comprehensive catalogue of products for all vehicle models and pair this with competitive prices —up to 60% off the regular price — to bring our customers unbeatable value for money. Added to this are fast shipping, tracking, and free returns as standard. So, if you’ve been looking to buy spark plugs online, then try Mister-Auto today!

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