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Track Control Arm

It is possible that the suspension arms of your BERLINGO suffer from wear over time.
This will lead to a decreased steering efficiency and adhesion to the ground. Driving your BERLINGO when its suspension arms are in bad condition can easily become dangerous. Citroen BERLINGO suspension arms are replaced when the ball joints are worn.
But also if you hit a kerb, or violently drive up the pavement for example. These actions can easily lead to bending your suspension arms or even completely breaking them.

Mister-Auto offers you suspension arms for your BERLINGO from big brands including TRW, Moog, Delphi or Febi Bilstein. To ensure you order parts that fit, we strongly recommend you check the shape of the suspension arm and the diameter of the lower original ball joint.

After that it is rather easy. All you need to do is select the engine type of your Citroen $serie in the drop down menu or enter your registration number to determine as well as possible which suspension arm references are suitable for your BERLINGO.